Frequently Asked Questions

What/Who is TheftSTOP

Theftstop is a PTY LTD Coy registered with ASIC. It is a family owned company born by the need of the community to get involved with the protection of our wider community. The major driver to mark and record property is to ensure property can be recovered and that thieves can be prosecuted. Almost 90%  of stolen goods cannot be returned to their owners because they do not have unique markings. In addition a significant number of perpetrators caught in possession of stolen goods are not prosecuted.

Whilst our strategies will not eliminate the risk of your property being burgled or your property being stolen, Once you have followed our guidelines this risk will be significantly reduced

How does it work ?

  1. Significantly reduce the likelihood of your home or business being burgled by

    1. perimeter signage
    2. equipment marking
    3. awareness
    4. reducing the market for your property

This approach is called the market minimisation approach and is considered the most effective theft reduction strategy available

Significantly increase the likelihood of recovery of your property

    1. equipment Marking
    2. awareness
    3. National Equipment Tracking Database Registration (NETB)

Is it effective ?

Police Departments Australia wide tell us that the most effective way to reduce the theft of your property is to engrave or UV mark you property and complete an inventory

Go to WA Police Webpage on property marking

This enables the police to identify and recover stolen items, this is very effective if the police come into actual contact with the stolen item.
However that’s where it stops. With the Theftstop NETB database everyone who comes into contact with the stolen item, this can be Police , Pawn brokers, buyers on social media platforms, car boot sale customers and at the local barter mart. In fact everyone that comes in to contact with any marked item can assist with the recovery of stolen property.

How are stolen items returned to their owner ?

When a item is stolen the police provide you with a report number
When anyone spots a marked item they can simply go to the Theftstop National Equipment Tracking Database (NETB ) and enter the registered number. They will, if the item is registered, be immediately provided with the rightful owners contact details
All they need to do is contact the owner advising of location of the items(s). They can also contact the police directly and report the item as stolen if marked on the database as such
The owner then contacts the police armed with the police report number and the location of the stolen item(s) for their action and property recovery.

Why use the drivers licence as the code ?

The drivers licence is a individual number for every person and the state code at the start simply eliminates the possibility of a double up. It is also the recommendation of Police and crime-stoppers of how your items should be marked

What if I don’t have a driver’s licence ?

You are able to use another driver’s licence number and have the information on the database direct them to you. This works however the police generally use their own systems and will contact the owner of the drivers licence on the equipment

You can also use your proof of age card

Theftstop can also provide you with a unique search code to use. Just email us for a code. This is not ideal  as the police generally use their own systems and will not be able to contact you. They will be able to contact you via us but this may slow down any recovery or investigation process.

What about if I want to sell ?

This is not a problem. It is simply sold, and you adjust your inventory.

What about buying marked equipment ?

Again this is not a problem. The first thing is to verify the seller is the rightful owner.(generally by checking the NETB). Then obtain a receipt showing sellers and item details. You should have it engraved with the new code below the previous engraving. Do not attempt to cover or deface the previous engraving.

Updating the Register

If you move state and/or obtain another drivers licence the chances are the number will be different. Theftstop are able to change the contact details on the database. Multiple registration numbers are able to be directed to a single contact registered on the database.

My email and or phone number has changed

Theftstop are able to change the contact details on the database.

If you have any questions or suggestions how we can provide better service please email us

Downside to TheftSTOP

Our strategy is market minimization, unfortunately if your premises  and equipment is not marked, you will be far more attractive to a would be thief or burglar.

How to contact theftSTOP or 0429956061

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