Facts about property protection

TheftSTOP  can assist you in the protection and recover of your property
In accordance with the Police, Neighborhood Watch and Crime Stoppers we recommend that wherever  possible all items of value are permanently marked. TheftSTOP encourages you to go further

Our recommended processes are easily the best possible way to discourage burglary, prevent your property from being stolen and to maximise the likelihood of recovery


Properties that have warning signs indicating that equipment is permanently marked with a traceable mark are far less likely to be burgled. 

We will provide you with labels for your premises entry points to advise that your property is marked with traceable markings. This alone will discourage the would be burglar or thief. This warns the thief that if caught with the property in their possession  your property is easily identified as stolen and this will significantly increases their risk of prosecution.


Equipment that is marked with a traceable mark is far less likely to be stolen

Equipment is marked with a visible and/or covert marking, that can only be seen with a UV light. The criminal can grind off the visible mark and if they find it the covert mark, however this creates a great deal of risk to the person receiving the stolen goods . The criminal or receiver of the stolen property will need to explain the grinding markings and may miss the covert markings that the Police will look for. For the thief items that are marked will be very difficult to sell significantly reducing the “fenced” value.  At the very least a would be purchaser should  be very concerned with items that have obviously been modified to hide “something”.

Items will also have a label affixed to them, providing clear warning to the thief and reminding the thief that being in possession of the item(s) will significantly increase the likelihood of arrest


Equipment registered with the National Equipment Tracking Database (NETD) can be  traced directly, simply and quickly back to the lawful owner 

The Police are always the first line of recovery if you have your property stolen. The NETD adds a significant new tool to anyone with a smart phone,computer or tablet that greatly increase the likelihood of item(s) being returned to its rightful owner.

As long as the item is registered at the NETD the likelihood of recovery is significantly increased. and the likelihood of police identifying the thief and/or the receiver of stolen property is significantly enhanced.

For the criminal there is no cooling off period. A registered item can be quickly  traced to the rightful owner the day it was stolen or 10 years later.

If you are considering purchasing an item or have found an item, to quickly identify the rightful  owner you only need to:
1.Enter the number engraved on the item into the NETD at www.theftstop.com.au
if the item is registered you will be provided with the contact details of the registered rightful owner
2. You can verify ownership with the owner
3. The rightful owner can then armed with their police report number and the location of their stolen property advise police.

It is that simple !


The database will work equally well for equipment that is simply lost

We have had recent cases were a Subbie left a tool at a construction site, another site worker on seeing the TheftStop Sticker was able to contact him and reunite him with his equipment within the hour.

We recommend the following:

  1. Place signs at the entries to your property advising that equipment has traceable markings

2. Engrave your equipment with a readily identifiable mark :
    Your drivers licence number with the state prefix before the number

3. Covertly mark you equipment with a black light pen with a readily identifiable mark:
    Your drivers licence number with the state prefix before the number

4. Place a label on equipment advising that it has traceable markings

5. Complete the equipment register utilising your drivers license number as the record reference
store the inventory in a secure place

7. Link your register of equipment on the National Equipment Tracking Database (NETD).

Download the TheftSTOP flyer or go to the Police “Property Marking Webpage

What to Mark ?

Our homes and businesses contain thousands of items of property, but what stuff should we mark?  Ok, we can mark everything that moves, but not everything will be attractive to the thief.  So how should we prioritise?

Although the property stolen from us will vary according to the type of theft and the building where the theft takes place the most common items are (in no particular order):

Cash, Jewelry, Laptops, Blue Ray and DVD players, Handbags,

Flat screen TVs, Wallets, Car keys (and the car), Credit cards, Clothes,

Bicycles, Digital cameras, Power tools, Mobile phones, Ipads,

Digital projectors,   Documents (passports), Briefcases, Antiques, Works of Art,

Non ferrous metals, Garden tools, Garden plants and furniture

essentially anything of value could be stolen

The property stolen  is invariably sold onto a receiver/fence  for cash very soon after the event; often immediately, as many of the thieves have a drug problem to support.  They will get little of the real value for the property and instead it will be the fence that makes most of the profit from the crime. (Hence they often get longer prison sentences that the thieves)  The stolen property ends up in second hand shops, jewelers, pawnbrokers, cash converter shops, car boot sales, markets and social media sites such as Facebook and Gumtree. Marking property is considered a “market reduction approach” strategy. Were the thief actual has no market for the items that they have stolen.

We can offer three levels of support to discourage burglary, prevent your property from being stolen and to maximise the likelihood of recovery

Support Level One

Utilise our equipment register to record all your equipment then register at the National Equipment Tracking Database (NETD)

Download Theftstop Equipment item register here 

Support Level Two

  • Register at the National Equipment Tracking Database (NETD)
    • you will be provided with everything you need to secure your property
  • Engrave and covertly mark your equipment
  • Record you property on the equipment register

Go to registration page

Download Theftstop Equipment item register here

Support Level Three

One of our Support Partners will come to your home or premises to provide the following

  • Engrave and covertly mark your equipment.
  • Apply security labels to your equipment
  • Apply Security Warning Labels  at front and rear entry of premises
  • Complete your equipment register.
  • Link your equipment register to the National Equipment Tracking Database (NETD)


How to contact theftSTOP

admin@theftstop.com.au or 0429956061