Who is Theftstop

TheftSTOP and the National Equipment Tracking Database (NETD) is a initiative born by the need for direct community involvement to help reduce burglary and theft in our community. TheftSTOP services are equally applicable to the house holder as it is to large or small business.

No thief wants items that can be identified to their rightful owner, so marked items very quickly become a burden to the would be thieves and they will look for less risky targets.

Our approach called Market Minimisation is the most effective theft and burglary reduction method available

Applying Theftstop‘s strategies will work by removing or significantly reducing the market for your property for the thief.  

think for a moment in the thief’s shoes
Hey  ! The property here may be marked and i will need to look at every item to ensure I can easily remove  the mark prior to selling it
If I am picked up by the police they will know immediately who the owner is
If I sell it on social media or at a garage sale anyone will be able to identify the owner and contact them
If I keep it and I am visited by the police  next week or next year they will be able to easily identify the owner
Best option Go Somewhere Else and steal stuff

Our multi layered approach, Property Marking, Public Education,Signage, National Equipment Tracking Database reduce the attractiveness of property to thieves and the marketability of the items(s) by making them identifiable, readily and easily traced back to their rightful owner.

We have completed extensive research drawing on the knowledge and expertise of  Police, University Research Papers,and recommendations of such Police related organisations such as Neighborhood Watch and Crime Stoppers.  This research has led us to the process. and systems that we have developed and made available to business and the public alike.

TheftSTOP  has two primary aims
  1. Significantly reduce the likelihood of your home or business being burgled
    1. perimeter signage
    2. equipment marking
    3. awareness
  2. Significantly increase the likelihood of recovery of your property
    1. equipment Marking
    2. awareness
    3. National Equipment Tracking Database Registration

To Achieve this aim the concept is simple :

  • Public Education
  • Property Perimeter Marking
  • Permanent Marking of all equipment of value
  • Labeling of all  equipment of value
  • Completion of a equipment inventory
  • Registration of the inventory at the National Equipment Tracking database

Download the TheftSTOP flyer 

How to contact theftSTOP

admin@theftstop.com.au or 0429956061